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Collection ALMAZ

Wall-paper from series ALMAZ is THE WALL-PAPER FOR PAINTING ON WITH A MECHANICAL STABLE SURFACE LAYER. Wall-paper against vandals in this series is stable to mechanical damages. You can be sure that it defends safely walls against children’s naughtiness and pets/animals’ activity. We draw your attention to the fact that it is ideal for rooms with high passability (hotels, schools, offices, cafes and others). It has following features: • reinforces walls, hides little cracks • has low combustibility (low-inflammable, slight-combustible) • is painted ideally with paints on water basis • low expenses of paint; you can repaint a lot of times (5 – 6 times) • needn’t any time for impregnation; the glue is deposited on a wall • the usual glue for non-woven wall-paper is used. This wall-paper can be used for decorating habitable and inhabitable roomes. There are 6 designs with different structure in this series and it enables to decorate different interiors: offices, apartments, country-houses and also child institutions and children’s rooms in apartments. This wall-paper is made from high-quality materials with high density: from 160 to 173 g/m2 (it’s the alternative to glass wall-paper). Roll dimensions are 1,06 * 25 m. Roll weight is from 4,35 to 4,6 kg. Watch video
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