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Collection ANNABELLE

Снято с производства
Flowers for us are a permanent inspiration source. You can say surely that flowers in the interior are the new classics. We created the collection for everyone who wants to bring the note of feminity, harmony and cosiness to the interior on the background of the general tendency to simplification and functionality.
Incredibly beautiful and soft floral composition in collection ANNABELLE in the combination with the compound textile style is maintained with top-class performance technique. Pay attention to details: tremendous technique of hand engraving, a slightly visible ornament on the background, the dotted outline technique of coating of metallized paints, the incredible colour combination – everything will surprise the most tried customer.
Our ANNABELLE is a bouquet of fresh colour combinations. In this collection there are soft powder tints ‘tone to tone’; incredible mint-green colours are a chameleon with a cloud of the softest green, blue, beige-golden tints. The collection zest is a very fashionable soft pink-lilac tint variant nowadays and certainly the tremendous dark colours deserve attention; they are a splendid variant of colour mocha with gold and a lilac tint for a cozy bedroom.
The non-woven wall-paper is performed in the technique of hot stamping, dimensions 1,06*10,05 м. Watch video
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