Collection BALET

We were inspired by Russian ballet and its traditions, by magnificent beauty and grace of the prima ballerinas, by perfection of forms and elegance of the costumes, by art in the creation of scenery, to create the BALET collection under the brand Victoria Stenova Exclusive. It is the scent of perfume and the glitter of the curtain in the subdued glow of crystal, the anticipation of magic and delight, music and amazing plastics!
Look, we have shifted the shine of diamonds in the twilight, the embroidery of velvet suits, and the wave of the ballerina's hand to the texture of this collection. Created an incredible combination of textures and effects: textured and unusual embossing, embroidery with precious stones, sparkling scattering of rhinestones on a stunning, heavy, structural background - curtain. The beauty of the motif emphasizes the nobility of the background.
The advantages of the collection emphasizes the premium quality. Dense Wallpaper emphasize the beauty of embossing and unique decorative elements Skillful working out of forms and effects, structure and color combinations from Victoria Stenova DESIGN and you – in the atmosphere of luxury in an interior with wall-paper from the new BALET series!
Flizelin wallpapers are made in hot stamping technique, size 1,06 * 10,05 m. Watch video
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