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Collection BOSFOR

The wallpaper series BOSFOR is a new project in the Victoria Stenova Exclusive line, named after the Bosporus Strait.
The design of this collection is conceived as a point of contact between Europe and Asia, as a development of the theme of reunification of two opposite cultures. We have combined the original ornament, embodying Oriental luxury and elegant palette, characteristic of the European functional interior.
The ornate, subtly shimmering, translucent pattern evokes a distant association with Moroccan ornamentation and at the same time attracts with its slightly careless Italian manner. We like the idea of an organic "all over" motif that is perfect for decorating all four walls. We like it when our partners say that STENOVA's hallmark in 2019 was complex and interesting backgrounds, and we offer interesting jacquard textiles as a companion, very dense and embossed, with hand-engraved and metallic accents in this series. Wallpaper collection BOSFOR is made in the technique of hot stamping, vinyl Wallpaper on a non-woven basis, size 1.06*1 meter. Watch video
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