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Collection CAPITAL

CAPITAL - in translation from English means "capital".World capitals and simply beautiful cities: London, New York, Dubai, Moscow, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, Seattle and even Kuala Lumpur with their recognizable skyscrapers, the famous bridges and the world famous big wheel of London Eye- have become for us an inspiration source during creation of a new thematic collection of wallpapers.
This series is interesting because we relyon the relief of embossing - all elements have their own structure and volume, thus we get the effect of a “bas-relief”.In the color scheme there are monochrome colors, the drawing is perfectly readable, thanks to its unique relief. As a background companion, we offer a new unusual plaster, which will surelystand outamong alarge number of offers, becausethe complex volumetric structure of our wallpapers, firstly, is very similar to the handiwork of the master and, secondly, will hide any shortcomings of the wall. The wallpaper is convenient to dock at the expense of inscriptions of names of the capitals.
The fliseline wallpaper from this collection is made in the technique of hot stamping, they will relevant look both in the room of the teenager, and in the modern living room or the Kitchen-dining room, will create an individual style and will remind you of travels or places where you dream to visit. Watch video
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