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Collection COMPASS

Снято с производства
We created this design for admirers of the style ‘minimalism’ in the design of the inhabited surroundings. The laconicism, simplicity, exactness and clearness of the composition are typical for this trend. Minimalists use industrial and natural materials of simple geometric forms in a neutral colour range.
We chose the decorative plaster in the Venetian style as the ground of our new collection COMPASS. The impressive relief, the motion of alive touches that are performed as though by the Master’s instrument attracts the attention. The noble glow underlines the richness of the wall-paper texture.
The circles as though carved in the stone and decorated with glowing metalized colours and creating the optic 3D-effect in this way decorate the plaster. The wall-paper looks incredible volumetric. An excellent attachment and an effect of smoothing the roughness is a pleasant bonus.
We would like to pay your specific attention to the colour decision. We stopped our choice on the natural range for the plaster: white, golden, light grey, cold sandy beige, milky and bitter chocolate colours. We chose the fashionable effective variants for the circles: soft pearly and Champagne, delicate silvery, youth mint metallic and noble pink golden colours. The non-woven wall-paper is performed in the technique of hot stamping, dimensions 1,06*10,05 m. Watch video
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