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Collection DISCO

We, the team of Victoria Stenova, are very fond of modern style in the interior, and we want to present you our new experiment - the dynamic and bold collection DISCO. Current trends of housing decoration is called modern interior design. We are very close to these interior styles in spirit, because they are responsive to the needs of time. They united by the desire for purity and clarity of lines, selectivity in decor, orientation towards practicality. Today, world experts note the departure from pure styles in the direction of mixed, compromise design ideas. This means new expressive means, interesting methods of zoning and fresh planning solutions. We say "YES" to modern design, abstract drawing and complex, interesting background! A stunning combination of spectacular lines arcs, large strokes with interesting textures, and rivet points attracts attention, you want to touch the wallpaper and buy it immediately. The game of matte and glossy texture of the canvas, the dance of new decorative effects, designed specifically for this collection, will perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom or kitchen-living room. Metallic paints used only by Victoria Stenova and an interesting, non-trivial palette of colors – all this makes the collection DISCO unique on the market. With our new product, your interior will undoubtedly be different and will add bright positive colors to everyday life! Victoria Stenova Wallpaper - your mood! Non-woven wallpaper is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1,06*10,05 m. Watch video
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