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Collection FELICITA

FELICITA-translated from Italian "Happiness". We want to give happiness and joy together with our wallpaper so that smiles and cheerful laughter fill the rooms, and only pleasant moments replace each other in the walls of your home!
What can be brighter and more joyful than a dream or a memory of traveling in sunny Italy? We are still inspired by the theme of travel and have created a very light and cheerful design - the wallpaper collection FELICITA! At the heart of the motif there are beautiful life-affirming phrases in melodious, beautiful, Italian: Ti Adoro – I adore you, Amo la vita-I Love life, L'impossibile e possibile – the Impossible is possible, Ciao-Hello, Felicita-Happiness.
How nice to read them in the morning on the wall of your cozy kitchen or dining room with a cup of coffee! The charge of an excellent mood for the whole day is guaranteed! We want to pay special attention to the elaboration of details in the motif, as well as the background companion in this series. Each letter, each line as if burning and sparkling, absolutely clearly and voluminously stands out against the background. Silver and gold effects give nobility; wallpaper looks expensive, but not pretentious. The background captivates with its texture - unobtrusive lines, as if from a love message, are beautifully intertwined in a jacquard canvas, they sometimes appear, sometimes disappear, playing in the rays of the sun. Wallpaper will precisely create the right atmosphere in the bedroom, will not leave indifferent teenage girl and will fit into the dining room of a mature couple.
Unusual and calm colors will appeal to any buyer and everyone is sure to find their own among them. Especially want to note the Italian green - soft and warm shade of olive, and rich coffee - the color of this Italian espresso. Non-woven wallpaper is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1.06*1 m. Watch video
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