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Collection FORTUNA

Снято с производства
Increasingly, preference in the interior is given to geometric shapes and lines, we believe that it is not necessary to use catchy colors or invent unusual combinations to diversify and revitalize the interior. In confirmation of the above, we present to your attention an interesting collection of FORTUNA by Victoria Stenova Exclusive, which is based on zigzag lines with soft color transitions. The interior with the use of this design looks very dynamic and joyful.
Pay attention to the matte horizontal texture of textiles with calm combinations without unnecessary shine in the wallpaper of this series. The bright assortment of the collection attracts attention and is undoubtedly a good option for the formation of accents on individual walls in the space. The composition of this type has one nice feature: the walls are visually lengthened and the space is expanded and, as a result, it is possible to note the possibility of such Wallpaper to adjust the shape of the room. For example, a narrow kitchen or a small bedroom will be perceived differently if you visually enlarge or move some walls because of our zigzags.
In addition, alternating lines in the design of Wallpaper can mask the flaws and irregularities of the walls. The collection turned out to be very soft and cozy; we believe that Wallpaper with a matte textile base is the key to a stylish interior in any room of your home.
Flizelin wallpapers are made in hot stamping technique, size 1,06 * 10,05 m. Watch video
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