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Collection NEVA

Lines, and nothing more, the whole idea of the NEVA collection revolves around them. The natural nature of the lines is seen in the noble Saint Laurent marble. Noble metal and magic matte texture soft touch. And of course color, there are 10 trendy combinations, created for an uncompromising style from Victoria Stenova.

We have applied our new unique soft touch technology, using 2 times less vinyl and 2 times more non-woven fabric than usual. It turned out to be wallpaper with a thin layer of vinyl on high-quality German non-woven fabric with a density of 90 g/sq.m.

This is an interesting design and price-alternative to both pure non-woven and traditional hot-stamped vinyl wallpapers. It is much more interesting than just to paint the non-woven fabric with a matte paint; it is difficult to pick up such a variety of trendy colors with color proofs. Wallpapers are marked with 3 waves, perfectly glued without seams, bubbles and creases with ordinary glue for non-woven wallpaper, very easy to use.

Non-woven wallpaper low in vinyl, made in soft touch technique, size 1,06*10,05m.