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Collection ORION

Orion is a constellation of the celestial equator region, named after the hunter Orion from ancient Greek mythology. We really hope that we will manage to light a new star in the constellation of designs by Victoria Stenova too.
Our motive in the new collection ORION is a light airy abstract flower, something reminding a star. The design is solved technically very difficult; we used more than 30 textile structures, as a result, we got a complicated relief canvas that plays and shimmers depending on the lighting, due to the optical effect, every thread is visible in the wallpaper texture; embroidery is worked out in detail. An interesting background with a textile base and an incredible game of lines and textures makes the series unique and recognizable.
We like to combine matte and glossy structures in our designs, at the expense of the arising effects, irregularities of the walls will be imperceptible, and walls will look differently at day and artificial lighting. Because in design of this collection the interesting color metallized and nacreous paints are for the first time applied,then decoration of the walls a highlight of your interior will be unconditional.
Flizelin wallpapers are made in hot stamping technique, size 1,06 * 10,05 m. Watch video
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