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Collection ORLANDO

The wallpaper collection ORLANDO from Victoria Stenova Exclusive continues our classic series in the Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 season. In this case, the classic is so lively and modern that it is breathtaking.
Our ORLANDO turned out to be very spectacular, with the inherent charisma of the Italian interior style, inimitable chic and naturalness.
We are passionate about the idea of an organic "invisible" ornament, devoid of contrast, that working on color nuances and, as a result, creating, together with a magnificent complex background, one common interior story. Designers of Victoria Stenova create a new classic, which is gradually becoming synonymous with great taste for all generations of customers; we strive to ensure that young people also believed that the diamond monogram is the super fashion. In addition, these marble textured cracks in the background...
We would like to say separately about the effects on wallpaper - now, we have applied our unique on the wallpaper market technology "super shine". As a result, the damask is not drawn with paint, but with the scattering of precious stones, this bright shimmer is fascinating and attracts attention. Wallpaper looks very relief; every detail is worked out.
The ORLANDO series has a very interesting color palette; we have made absolutely new coloristic, for example, a magnificent combination of emerald green with delicate lavender, or tender cocoa with sky-blue accents. The series turned out to be surprisingly gentle, but at the same time lively and colorful, there is no feeling that only the gray-beige scale prevails.
Non-woven wallpaper is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1.06*1 m. Watch video
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