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Collection PALMA

Снято с производства
The forecast says that in 2019 plant prints can go out on the peak of their actuality in interior decisions for walls and textile. We always do our best to manufacture the wall paper that make the interior comfortable. Plants make the house atmosphere more home-like and cozy. The reward of Kann festival inspired us to create a new collection; we came to the idea to manufacture an ideal leaf in the style of the Golden palm leaf. As a result of that the design of the new series turned out to be fashionable and with glamour underlying theme at that. It turned out to be like a real film star.
We like it that the wall paper from this collection can be used in different interior styles. Our PALMA is right both for the neoclassic interior and for the modern one.
You can never say that plant motives are strict or pretentious. These prints and décor elements have a light charm of ingenuousness and introduce smartly a proper character to the atmosphere. Refined leaves with the accent on the embroidered outline turned out to be very volumetric, the metalized outline provides а relief.
We would like to pay your attention to the new background texture created as the symbiosis of concrete & canvas and mat base & glossy films by us. Quiet light tones predominate in the collection. They will be right for any rooms. We would like to notice especially the accent dark brown and effective mint-flavored colour with the golden outline. The non-woven wall-paper is performed in the technique of hot stamping, dimensions 1,06*10,05 m. Watch video
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