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Collection PAULINA

Снято с производства
We always try to do something new and permanently look for the inspiration sources. The nature is the best idea generator and team Victoria Stenova is persuaded in that again and again.
The complicated background texture in new collection PAULINA reminds the fanciful wavy pattern on the surface of the water body. Flowers are performed in the monochromatic technique and decorated with metalized effects.
We stake on the monochromatic presentation of a flower branch on the complicated background in colouristic decisions. We suggested that you should choose your colour from our range:
1. The quiet olive-green colour, it is very suitable and combined with warm tones in the interior very well, it suits ideally to a bedroom.
2. The very pleasant pearly light tone, it will be harmonize very well with grey tints, we recommend this tone even for little rooms.
3. There is no doubt that cocoa with the bronze tint is a zest in the collection. The effective colour of the middle tone must suit absolutely exactly as an accent wall in any room.
4. The grey silvery tone-in-tone will be combined with the light and white furniture very well. We think that it is ideal in a modern kitchen-dining-room.
5. The milky-goldish variant, we offer it only in the contrast performance.
6. After all, the warm sandy tone is very pleasant and combined absolutely with everything and suits to everything and everywhere.
The wall-paper is performed in the technique of hot stamping, dimensions 1,06*10,05 m. During the process of the paste it is necessary to use the glue for the non-woven wall-paper. Watch video
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