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Collection ROCK&WALL

In translation from English “LOFT” literally means the attic, a penthouse, gallery, and the top floor of the warehouse or factory room. Indeed, the loft-style interior initially resembles a shop or workshop. Now this style more than is popular and relevant and, of course, it perfectly fits into ordinary apartments.
Harmonious combination of various architectural solutions is the main concept of the style. In such space, brutal industrial elements such as brick walls quite naturally look near the modern equipment, practical lighting systems chromeplated by details and mirrors. Certainly, open planning of the dwelling is available not to all. However, it is possible to add basic elements of this modern style in almost any space and here our collection ROCK-N-WALL, undoubtedly, will help you to create the unique, outstanding and airy interior. The wall perfectly imitates a brick wall, and thanks to its texture, it will hide small irregularities of the walls, rough plaster on the background does not require docking and will facilitate the process of pasting.
Natural colors conquer by their naturalness, glamorous Golden color will add chic to the indoors and will look great with heavy curtains, stylish leather sofa, brass fittings, silver brick will add lightness in combination with cozy textiles and large mirrors, and terracotta with blue seams as an accent wall. It will fit well into the interior of the bedroom or kitchen for a young family, or in the room of a teenager.
Flizelin wallpapers are made in hot stamping technique, size 1,06 * 10,05 m. Watch video
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