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Collection SORRENTO

We present to your attention a beautiful and, at the same time, restrained series Sorrento from the Victoria Stenova trademark.
This series is made in our favorite neoclassical style and is suitable for those who treat their homes with respect and understanding that the classic interior is timeless and can look very modern and stylish. We were inspired by the incredible, multi-layered views of Sorrento, the most beautiful city in southern Italy. We took as a basis classical plaster with an unusual pattern, like a maze of narrow, sun-warmed streets of this resort town. Supplemented it with a classic branch with the right proportions and richly decorated with metalized effects. The perfect combination of glossy and semi-matt textures, complex play of shades and elegant, multi-faceted satin shine turned out.
The calm natural range of the wallpaper collection Sorrento will help to create a cozy and respectable interior, and exquisite beige shades in warm and cold colors will be a great background for any classic furniture. Air and such spring green will help to create a gentle and elegant interior, especially will approach for a bedroom or a drawing room. Rich noble color of wenge will add a bright accent and perfectly complement the furniture with wood trim of the same color. Soft shade of cocoa with pearlescent shades will make the interior incredibly cozy and even "tasty" as if a pleasant aroma of hot chocolate drink.
Non-woven wallpaper is made in the technique of hot stamping, size 1.06*1 m. Watch video
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