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Collection SPARTAK

Снято с производства
We have in our design the same rebellious spirit as the leader of the Roman Gladiator rebellion, after whom we named him. This design, which equally combines both classic and modern features, is very relevant today, when few people use clean styles in the interior.
On the motif, a dynamic pattern in the form of woven branches seems artfully embroidered on the surface of the background with thousands of stitches of different sizes. The main decorative elements of the motif of the collection SPARTAK seem to rise above the background, thanks to the use of wide volumetric shadows, thereby enhancing and emphasizing the structural nature of the Wallpaper, the visual 3D effect works 100% For the background, we chose an unusual texture of the fabric, in weaving it resembles classic fabrics, but at the same time, the threads of different sizes and shades will allow us to move away from the traditional symmetry of weaving.
Our new collection SPARTAK is an excellent solution for lovers of restrained classics, open to experiments and self-expression.
Wallpaper is made in the technique of hot stamping on flizelin basis, size 1.06 * 10.05 m Watch video
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