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Aroma diffusers

Aroma diffusers STENOVA HOME

It is not enough to create a beautiful picture due to interior details, it is necessary to quicken it, add the last feature. This final nuance can be the aroma of Your house that will fill the room with mood and heat. With the professional perfumer we worked out together a line of aromas for diffusers with rods that will underline the individuality and bring bright notes. Our aromas are worked out subject to general taste prefers of a modern customer, specific pictures of modern houses, and the observance of ecological norms. Exclusively safe rough components reused. Advantages: 1. Exclusive aromas. 2. Absolutely safe and hypo allergic components. Dipropylene glycol (DPG) is used as the grounds to maintain the aromatic renewal opening. 3. Complicated compositions for different rooms. 4. The convenient production variant (the diffuser with rods from micro fibril). Aromatic compositions are produced in small bottles, volume 100 ml. There is a set of rods (8 pieces), a booklet with the instruction and a bottle fulfilled with the aromatic composition in every package. The lifetime is about 4 months.