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Aroma diffuser No. 28

Article. 318071


100 ml
Пирамида аромата
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Жасмин, иланг, гедион, мандарин, лимон, бергамот

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Теплый сандал и гваяковое дерево

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Each fragrance in our lineup carries an idea-message: to keep the impression, to remind about the pleasant, to envelop up coziness, to give the opportunity to dream.
Conceiving the idea of a new fragrance, we wanted to go beyond creating just a pleasant fragrance for home and try to create a voluminous, luxurious, attractive perfume fragrance, close to those that you want to use for yourself, which will maintain a sense of confidence and stability, harmony, tranquility, and comfort.
We have created Fragrance No. 28 in the light of the latest trends in perfumery - it is an absolutely magic property of the fragrances to instantly revive pleasant memories and raise the mood, support in difficult times, which is especially important now.
The keynotes of the fragrance are an exotic scented night southern garden of jasmine flowers, ylang-ylang, bergamot and citrus, luxurious sandalwood, and warm amber. An alluring, exhilarating fragrance that frees emotions, allows the imagination to travel.
The new fragrance creates exactly the atmosphere of happiness that we lack so much in this difficult time.

Why did we name the novelty No. 28? It's very simple - a lot of samples were created during the creation of the bouquet, but the decisive one was sample No. 28. We found it interesting, so we decided to keep the intrigue leave No. 28 untitled: your imagination will add the finishing touches to the fragrance. And 28 is also the number of success.

This fragrance is easy to imagine in any room: a living room of an old house or a modern studio, an office, or a small cozy bedroom. The idea of the fragrance was tried to convey in the design of the box: the color of the southern night sky and the silver luster of the moon - a combination of elements and energy.

Try it, you will definitely like it!

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