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Aroma Bоrsa Rosa

Article. 318051


100 ml
Borsa Rosa
Пирамида аромата
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Яркий аккорд специй

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Цветы жасмина, османтуса, иланга, персик и слива

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Ванильно-пудровые ноты с гваяковым деревом, замша

We know that fragrances can instantly improve mood, give confidence, set up for success. Perfumery of the 21st century is a science that helps a person in a complex stressful modern world to feel more comfortable, give moments of joy, emotionally charge or relax. We bring to your attention our new fragrance Borsa Rosa, which translated from Italian means pink handbag.
Enveloping, sweetish aroma with creamy vanilla notes from the first breath will take you to the sun-warmed promenade of the Mediterranean coast. Transparent floral note of Jasmine with light citrus freshness give elegance and smoothness of the composition, and soft, but recognizable aroma of expensive suede becomes the main memorable accent.
Add the final touch to your interior with our Borsa Rosa fragrance diffuser.

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