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Aroma Tuscan Forest

Article. 317 031


100 ml
Пирамида аромата
Верхние ноты

Цитрусовый аккорд из бергамота и апельсина

Средние ноты

Кипарис, тосканские травы

Базовые ноты

Древесно-амбровый аккорд с теплыми нотами ванили

Convenient form of release (diffuser with reed sticks). Creating a beautiful picture due to interior details is not enough, you need to breathe life into it, add the finishing touch. Such a final nuance may be the fragrance of your home TUSCAN FOREST (Tuscan Forest), which will fill the room with mood and warmth.

Rich notes of citrus warmed by the Sicilian sun are complemented by the noble aroma of ancient cypresses, and salty, leather notes of amber will transfer you to the sun-drenched slopes of Tuscany.

The aromatic composition is available in a 100 ml bottle. Each package contains a set of sticks (8 PCs), a booklet with a description and a bottle filled with an aromatic composition.

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