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The presence of a wall clock in the modern man’s houses is caused notonly with the necessity to know the time but with the decorative moments too. We need the beautiful clock in the interior more and more to demonstrate hosts’ tastes and become the thing of their proud. The wall clock in combination with other decorative elements helps to create an ‘alive’ atmosphere in the room. Any clock can become an interior zest, it is important to choose it correctly. ТМ STENOVA HOME produces clocks of different stylish directions: classical ones in wooden frames,exquisite romantic ones with acknowledged pictures on a face, modern ones made from prestressed glass. Advantages of wall clock STENOVA HOME: 1. The modern reliable mechanism HERMLE (Germany) is used in our clock. It is the European quality tested with the time. This mechanism has a permanent quiet moving; the time life of this mechanism is longer than 10 years. 2. Our clock runs from ONE battery (the time interval between changes of feed elements is not less than 12 months). 3. The high exactness of running (the possible inaccuracy is no more than 20 seconds). 4. The ecological clear wood (pine, oak) of good quality is used tocreate frames. 5. The clearness of the visual perception is provided with instrument glass in accordance with the State Standard of defense industry for high-exact optic instruments. 6. A face is steady to the deformation at the change of the temperature from -50° to +70° Сand the humidity from 0% to 80%, because figures and pictures are painted with water-resisted paint on the specially prepared plastic. 7. The guarantee period is 2 years. 8. Clocks STENOVA HOME are manufactured at the enterprise of the full cycle that has their own workshops (foundry, woodworking shop and assembly shop) 9. The clock production is performed at watch factory Salute (city of Novosibirsk)