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To change radically the atmosphere in the room it is necessary to use a lot of expenses and efforts but to change own relation to the surrounding space it is enough to take a big cup of cocoa, a favourite book, wrap oneself up with a warm PLAID and enjoy oneself.
Everyone can choose the favourite book and a drink for himself, and ТМ STENOVA HOME will help you to choose a soft plaid.
We draw your attention to the collection of splendid fur plaids performed from the high-quality synthetic fur in the combination with the compact silky cotton sateen.
The face side is performed from the artificial fur with the high nap that is like the natural fur of a trimmed mink or beaver from the point of outside and tactile qualities.
The reverse side is manufactured from quilted cotton sateen. The absolutely natural material of the reverse side advantageously distinguishes our production from the suggestions at the market. This plaid will not be strongly charged with electricity; it can be used as a blanket and you will not feel hot under it at that. We are sure that our Plaid will be used very easily instead of a bedspread on a cot and decorate the bedroom in any style. These plaids can be washed at low temperatures, pressed at a low revolution speed and also ironed from the reverse side without losing its appearance.
We would like to draw your attention to the Box in which our cozy plaids packed. It deserves the separate attention by all means. Each plaid is packed carefully to the big black round box with a suitable band-handle. The black colour of mat paper in the combination with the logotype and the name of commercial grade STENOVA HOME printed with the silver paint look restrained but splendid at that. Most probable this box will be left for the usage in the future; different seasonal things and children’s toys can be stored in it.