Постельное белье STENOVA HOME

A bedroom is a room where we can not only relax completely after an intense day, be ourselves, sink into the silence, soft blankets and pillows but also regain strengths for a new day, dream and create plans for the future. That is why you should think of this room interior very carefully. The first piece we pay attention to and choose very carefully is Bed-clothes. To create the first line of bed-clothes STENOVA HOME we selected designs repeating favorite motives of our wall-paper collections JE T'AIME, MAGNUM, VALENTINO and WINE. We use only high-quality 100% cotton with sateen interweaving of higher density. We can control every production stage due to the complete production cycle of enterprises-partners. The saturated colour palette will make you glad for much longer than one year due to active painting. The construction of sets is worked in that way to be able to use them on beds and sofas of practically any dimensions.