Collection WINE

Article. 111032


100% cotton

In this collection the fabric of saturated vinous colour with pictures of seals and stamps of wine houses in the New World is advantageously combined with a picture repeating jute structure. This set will add paints in a restrained bedroom or be an additional accent in a room with bolder colour palette. The colours will not dull every after a few years due to special painting due to the fact that the deep getting of pigment into the fabric takes place. Pillow-cases and a blanket cover have an additional fringe along the entire perimeter to save the shape and the creation of the additional decorative effect. A blanket cover with a double-side picture has a hidden zip. Pillow-cases are made in two dimensions: 50*70 sm and 70*70 sm. A sheet is made from one-coloured fabric of straw colour (for set EURO) and from fabric-companion for 1.5-sleeping set. Set EURO: sheet - 240*270 sm, 1 piece; blanket cover - 200*210 sm, 1 piece; pillow-case with fringe - 70*70 sm, 2 pieces; pillow-case with ruffle (‘ears’) - 59*79 sm, 2 pieces. 1.5-sleeping set: sheet - 215*240 sm, 1 piece; blanket cover - 150*200 sm, 1 piece; pillow-case with ruffle (‘ears’) - 59*79 sm, 2 pieces.