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Dining textiles

Dining textiles

Welcome to the table…
More and more often, we meet the phrase "FAMILY TRADITIONS".
One of such traditions are festive lunches and dinners in a circle of the closest family members and friends. The culture of covering and serving the table, following recent trends of the "TABLE" fashion, enters our life more and more. Every homemaker knows that the served dish will be much tastier if you serve it on a beautiful, high quality and fashionable ware, and even the most common dining table will turn into an expensive piece of furniture, if you cover it with a tablecloth corresponding to mood and occasion.
Our design bureau has developed 3 collections of table textiles with absolutely different stylistics. Each collection consists of 3 types of products - these are large tablecloths, which can be used to cover a table for 8 people or more, sets of napkins of 8 pieces, which today is not found in any trademark, and such an element of the cover table as the track, which is a very relevant and fashionable subject in modern serving.
By production of our products we resorted to the most advanced way of drawing the picture - the digital press - thanks to it, it was succeeded to embody thin transitions of color, a detailed portrayal of all elements, to create coupon drawings, that set the direction in the placing of other items on the table.The finished product has a very smooth satin structure.
We also paid special attention to functionality, so all our tablecloths and tracks have a special patented impregnation that repels water, grease and dirt. Agree this is an extremely important property for items of this purpose.