Set of paths Annabelle

Article. 711062


50Х160 СМ
In the set:
2 PCs

Continuation of the history of Wallpaper design ANNABELLE received the embodiment in the table textiles collection Annabelle and immediately conquered the fair sex from the first sketch.
Each element of this collection is absolutely self-sufficient, paths are perfectly combined with a white tablecloth from linen or cotton, and will also help to make a usual dinner more romantic.
Thepaths are made of a cotton cloth with satin weaving of high density.We also paid special attention to functionality, so all our tablecloths and paths have a special patented impregnation that repels water, grease and dirt. Agree this is an extremely important property for items of this purpose.
The set from 2 paths is packed into a gift box and will become pleasant addition in an interior of your Dining room or Kitchen.

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