Tablecloth Venera

Article. 711 053


160х250 см

The wallpaper collectionVENERA became one of highlights of our range. Aerial abstract flowers were organically interwoven into many-sided structure of a background. Of course, we could not leave aside such a popular design and shifted it to table textiles, but in a completely different reading.
Our flower became monochrome, but at the same time, due to the main gray background, it is very contrasting and well readable.
A series of table textile items Venera will perfectly fit into everyday life will complement the Scandinavian interior and will be close to adherents of life in Hugge style. Dishes from the raw ceramics, wooden boards for serving and a plate for fruit, colored glass, metal dishes will create the finished picture and will present the pleasant atmosphere during a lunch or a dinner.
We wish you bon appetite!

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